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Headquartered in Bertram, Texas, Bullock, Bennett & Associates, LLC provides professional engineering and geoscience consulting services to public and private clientele. Our expertise, experience, and services include:

BBA Assessment


  • Aquifer Testing​

  • Geologic Assessment

  • Phase I, II, and III ESAs

  • Risk Assessment

  • TCEQ/TRRP Support

  • Environmental Site Assessment/Investigation

  • Groundwater Monitoring and Modeling

  • Surface and Subsurface Geophysics Investigation

BBA Remediation

Remediation Consulting and Design

  • Alternative Closure Systems Evaluation

  • Bioremediation

  • Response Action Plans

  • Landfill Capping and Closure Systems

  • Remediation System Design

  • Waste Characterization and Disposal

BBA Env Compliance.jpg

Environmental Compliance

  • Compliance Audits

  • Edwards Aquifer Protection Plans

  • Regulatory Support

  • Stream Monitoring

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • SPCC Plans

  • Waste Characterization and Disposal

  • Water Quality Permitting and Planning

BBA Engineering.png


  • Dam Breach Analysis

  • Dam Emergency Action Plans

  • Landfill Liner and Capping System Design

  • Response Action Plan

  • Remediation System Design

  • Slope Stability Evaluation

  • Stormwater Conveyance

  • Certified CQA Geosynthetic Materials and Compacted Clay Liner Inspector

  • Earthen Dam and Levee Design

  • Dredging Operations Engineering

  • Engineering Design/CQA

  • Marine Project Engineering and CQA

  • Sewer System Evaluation Studies (SSES)

  • Surface Water Modeling

BBA Water Resources.jpg

Water Resources

  • Water and Wastewater Distribution/Collection

  • Water Supply Well Design

  • Well Field Design and Modeling

  • Water Availability Certifications

  • Water Quality Permitting and Planning

  • Water Resources Investigation and Engineering

  • Water Utility Vulnerability Assessment

  • Groundwater Conservation District Permitting

BBA Solid Waste.png

Solid Waste

  • Hazardous Waste Management Support

  • Landfill Design, Permitting, and Closure

  • Industrial Solid Waste Management Support

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management and Permitting

BBA mining.jpg


  • Aquifer dewatering and Depressurization Evaluation

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Sand Reserve Estimation

  • Baseline and Long Term Groundwater Monitoring

  • Mine Permitting and Operations Support

  • Slope Stability Evaluation


Other Services

  • Air Emissions Compliance

  • Expert Witness

  • Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Program Compliance

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